#WIPW2018 aka Women’s International Parkour Weekend 2018 ran by Parkour Generations, SheCanTrace, began last Saturday at the glorious Canada Water spot, where ladies from all over the world, came together for 8 hours of non-stop movement, challenges, learning, discovery and teamwork.

I did #WIPW2017 and as the day’s past by for WIPW2018, there was a slight anxiety. I don’t know why, maybe because I remember the conditioning warm ups from the previous event which was pretty intense and my quads hurting at the end. I also remember my mum telling me to put stop moaning and put arnica gel on my legs. My quads hurt this time round, but as they say no pain, no gain!

The sun was shining for us ladies and there are a lot of skilled traceuses out there. What I love about these events, is that it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner. There is a sense of community, support, strength and spirit of so many Wonder Parkour Women. I enjoyed getting to know other traceuses parkour journey’s. There are so many ninja sister’s out there and I have made good friends in the process.

The highlights of the event would have to be our group making it up a wall in 1min 30secs, exploring flow by clapping your hands and making a beat, the landing’s drill delving into the biomechanics, tracing with your backpacks on (that felt weird) with Ševo Saša from Skochypstiks trying to distract us as we were doing movements and smashing wall climbs.

Thanks to Sana who rescued me with a chocolate bar, a much needed energy boost, before we attempted the gruelling conditioning at Stave Hill and all the amazing ladies for showing how badass you are!

Maybe I will see you for #WIPW2019?