*Buzz* my phone went and I received a message from Jia saying that she is in town and asking if we can train. I happily obliged. Jia is from Malaysia and we met at the WIPW2018 event, when we were both sprinting up a monster of a hill and proceeded to high five each other to celebrate our victory. To those peeps who do not know what WIPW is, you can check out my post here #WIPW2018

Warm. Sunny. Weather. Unusual. I was wearing my baggy Skochy pants and thinking I should have worn my shorts, but then baggy pants look better for flow aesthetic purposes. I persevered in the heat. I showed Jia how to do a thief vault starting with some lazy vaults progressions. Jia eventually did the thief over a tree branch and was so excited she did it. She thanked me and said that I am motivating to be around. I said to her it’s no problem and that we’re here to support each other. *Fist pump*

We also traced around in our backpacks which was funny as Jia had a much heavier backpack. Fits of giggles ensued. I think I need to trace with backpacks more and to make it more realistic, trace in work clothes/normal attire, although I’m not sure I can do parkour in heels. Maybe in my dreams but it would be awesome if I could.

Before Jia left, we discussed our cravings for char siu, our parkour journeys and places to visit. I hope one day to meet and train with Jia in Malaysia. How epic that would be.

Warning. The video you are about to watch is basically two big kids having fun and playing around with movement. From tracing in backpacks, to balance, jumps and flow, training can sometimes be rigid and you can be so fixated on perfecting a move that there is zero fun. Play is essential and helps with creativity, so get out and play more!