One obstacle. One move. Drills.


The move that I am drilling and that has been messing with my brain is the thief vault. You take off with your internal leg that is closest to the obstacle, use your external leg to go over and land with the external leg with split feet. Sounds confusing? Yes I was indeed confused for a while. I would say parkour is probably 95% mentally challenging. In class, I would get frustrated that I didn’t get a move by the time the class ended and I sometimes forget that parkour is based on progressions, no matter how small. Baby steps, just keep swimming...

A tutorial by Wefew, which I butchered like crazy trying to understand the technique helped me a lot. Wefew also have cool tutorials and clothes which you should check out.

How I learned the thief vault was repeating lazy vault lots of times, which you take off with your external leg and use your internal leg to over the obstacle. The thief vault is a variation of the lazy vault. Before I started the move, there is a split second when your brain just wants to stop you from doing it. I call it the constant moaning battle between the mind and body. Your brain screams “It’s not safe,” but eventually and this takes a lot of practice, you slowly manage to control the left brain chatter.

Personally, I find the longer I wait to do the move, frustration sets in. To get me out of it, I try and visualize doing the move and breaking the move into smaller steps and go through it slowly. There is a bit of self talk where I would I say “You’ve got this” and it usually works. If I get too frustrated in trying to learn a new move, I usually try it for another day, or eat some chocolate and video game to lessen the disappointment.

As I started to understand what the thief vault feels like at a snail’s pace, it is not as scary as I thought. My initial fear was that I was going to clip my feet and face plant. Luckily, this did not happen! I did overthink the move a lot, thinking what leg goes first, which hand goes on the obstacle first? Did I push off the obstacle with both hands? But many many repetitions later, my muscle memory kicked in and I did it. Amen! I felt a sense of joy and treated myself to donuts to celebrate. What moves are you working on? How do you find ways to overcome mental barriers?    

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