Just Jamming


With WIPW2018 over, I made my way to the Birmingham Women's Parkour Jam which was arranged by mate Zoe. I went to the jam last year which was ace. The train journey was interesting, as I watched a group of women in their mid 40’s getting drunk on G&T around 09.45. Waaay too early… 

Before the women's jam started, Zoe showed me around a parkour park in Solihull, which was pretty neat. I was greeted by Russ, Zoe’s friend, as he was busting some moves doing lachey's and jumps. There was also a skate park and I was trying out some flow but forgot to film myself. Oops. 

I also got talking to some locals, who are into Calisthenics, about to take their GCSE’s. We discussed a lot of topics, like pondering life stuff and why GCSE’s are a lot harder. I said to the guy that was a long time for me. God knows how it is now, but this guy seems like he has a plan. He also looked at me funny when I told him I travelled all the way from London. Cue awkward silence. 

We trained for about 2 hours at the park before heading to Birmingham. I was subjected to Zoe’s playlist of John Denver, Dolly Parton and *ahem* Elton John. My ears did not bleed and I totally agree on her song choices. Nothing beats a classic. Sometimes I find myself listening to some Burt Bacharach. Other topics that came up where the macarena and old school dance tunes. I chowed down on a big bowl of Pho, whilst Zoe asked me “Are you going to finish that?” “Of course”, I replied and told her my appetite is huge. 

We met Kate, who joined the jam and made our way to the first spot near the museum. This spot was cool. Zoe planned a little route to flow on (trying our best not to bump into children) and we also practised wall climbs and kong's. 

Zoe and Kate were my tour guides. I marvelled at this building with strange metal architecture. It was the library. The inside looked like a spaceship and we went to the roof garden. Kate also has an interest in photography and showed me parts of the library that would make great photos. We both agreed we could stay in this building to take pictures all day.  

Conscious of time we made our way to the white walls spot. This is my favourite spot. It didn’t feel like I was in Birmingham. The white walls gave the impression I was abroad or something. Strange. Anyway, the walls were grippy, excellent for wall climbs and they have nice bits for jumps, flow, strides, precisions, literally anything you can think of. 

We worked on some drops jumps and general playing around with the space, with a few quadrupedals, embracing our inner monkey. Although there were only 3 of us, it didn’t matter as I enjoyed my time. Time spent laughing, sharing training tips and stories. As I made my way home, I pondered on the train, how I have met so many awesome people through Parkour and thought back to the the reason why I started. I feel grateful to be a part of this community. Long live Parkour!