Journey to V5


Recently, I have taken up bouldering and training at the Arch Climbing wall having been introduced to it by my friend Nat. I have never tried bouldering before and I quickly saw after my first taster, that bouldering can be very addictive and it was also a nice addition to supplement my parkour training. I have not given up on parkour. Never! But I feel that sometimes you get the itch to try something new and it’s nice to mix things up a bit.

I have set myself a goal to attempt a V5 route. The V stands for a route grade that goes from V0-V15 difficulty. I will be documenting my training progress which you can follow here . Thanks for filming Nat! Arch Climbing is an amazing place. There are so many routes and challenges to tackle. If you go to the one in Bermondsey, on weekdays before 9am, you get free tea and coffee which is a win!

My first time climbing wasn’t too bad. There are lots of things to think about, like learning to shift my weight from one side to another, matching my hands when you grab a hold, watching where you place your feet on a foothold, staying close to the wall, trying to use the strength of my legs more than just relying on my arms and understanding bouldering terminology on the different types of holds - crimp, sloper etc. Google came to the rescue.

After the first session, my arms were aching - a sign of good pain and I enjoyed the session very much. There is a feeling of satisfaction, when you manage to complete a route with both hands and reach for the last hold. There were a few times where I had to take a leap of faith to reach the top. I am slowly learning to trust my body. Sometimes I forget that I am quite high up on a wall and I have noticed that my fear of heights is not as bad as before. Your focus sets in as you take each step. It’s just you and the wall and the feeling of chalk on your hands just makes you feel like a badass. Well to me anyway.

I guess, I better get started working on pull ups...