Going Solo

To solo train, or not to solo train, that is the question? The question that often beckons for traceurs or anyone in fact. When I first started parkour, solo training was not high on my list. I think it was mainly to do with feeling self conscious training out in public.

It is usually when the public see something different, that they automatically freak out. Some people are fascinated when they see us train and comment “Do it again”. Other's will laugh and heckle but whatever. One time, a lady asked me, as I was about to precision jump off a wall, “Is that free jumping you are doing?” (I was amused) To which, I replied, “You mean free running”. The lady looked at me with a gaze of confusion.

I am far from being “normal”. Who wants to? Normal is full scale yawnage. A few of my parkour friend’s are in the middle of revision with exam season. I wish them the best of luck and hope you smash it! I also have one exam to conquer and I am trying to balance the studying and training, otherwise there is a slight possibility that I might go postal.

Since my parkour peeps are busy, I decided to venture out solo training. I have not done this in a while and I didn’t have my camera assistant to help me film. Ha priorities! Today, I was a one woman filming army and wanted to work on certain moves.

I find when you train in a group, sometimes this isn't possible and you are lead to do whatever the group wants to do. But when it is just you, you have to try and muster the courage to train. Sometimes you say to yourself "I don't feel like it" because you give yourself an excuse and then you end up regretting it.  Even if it is just some light training, it is better than not doing anything. No one can push you but yourself. A bonus going solo, is that you have all the time in the world to try out different moves and play around to your heart's content. I think solo training is beneficial and an important part of your parkour journey. You should embrace it.  

Training was mainly drilling plyos, precisions, vaults, a cartwheel acrobat thingy, flow, routes and speed. Starting off training was a little tough. I found it a bit difficult to motivate myself, but as soon as I started with some monkey crawls, to help with good old conditioning, I got in the flow of things.

I seem to enjoy training with trees at the moment. I guess it must be the sunny weather having this effect on me. But it’s all good. I finally got my Vitamin D recharge. Will the weather last? Hmmm. 

What are your thoughts on solo training? Do you prefer it to training in a group? Do you find it hard to motivate yourself? Are you self conscious?

I would be interested to hear what you guys think and any strategies you have on solo training. Leave me a comment on my YouTube, Facebook page or Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you! Cheers!