Rain, rain and more rain. It is supposed to be Spring! But my friend and I managed to find an undercover spot to train in. The Elusive video, is Sunday's training drilling precision jumps, landings and strides in the style of a perfume advert. 

Random, I know, but I wanted to try just for the hell of it and practice some filmmaking. If this was a perfume advert, I would call it *whispers* "Elusive", the new fragrance for Traceurs.

Tracer (or traceur) is not just the name given to the Parkour practitioner. A Tracer is one who seeks to be always better, reflecting their life and the values that surround their culture.

Parkour and Filmmaking are synonymous and this is a big part of parkour culture. At every jam and training session, you will most likely find a person with a camera. Me included. There is something special about black and white films and photos. It brings a classic feel. 

Shout out and thank you to SheCanTrace who found my video and reposted on Instagram and Twitter.  I am happy you enjoyed it!

Clothing featured:

Sweatshirt: https://atowherever.bigcartel.com/
Pants: https://teamfarang.com/