Back To Basics


About 4 months ago, I injured my ankle whilst doing a gate vault over a bar. I went too fast, lost my grip, then heard 2 'pops'. Freak out mode was enabled, followed by expletives. I had torn 2 ligaments but luckily no broken bones. My Osteopath said the sprain wasn’t too bad, but I thought, I can’t train anymore! *pause for dramatic effect*.

It was a challenging time. I thought to myself that everything is going to be ok and I wouldn’t let negativity seep in. How I was wrong! I honestly felt like crap that I couldn’t move. Movement is what keeps me happy and healthy. Not training for weeks, I could feel my body was getting tense and I got sick and tired of watching people’s parkour videos on social media. It all got a bit too much.

This was a period of self reflection and lessons in patience and willpower. As I did my ankle strengthening exercises every morning, and thinking I shouldn’t be staying in the pit of despair, I thought, what else could I work on during this time of healing? Perhaps I can work on my upper body strength to help with climbups?

I saw a post by a parkour friend about his personal training business (shout out to Matthew Steel) who helped me build my upper body strength, but also looked at my diet, recommending yummy recipes (the lentil dahl was nommy by the way) and showed me some balancing drills to help strengthen my ankles.

My first session was awesome and it was fun having a go at pulling your own body weight on the gymnastics rings. I also discovered pull ups are not my forte and something I need to work on.

During the recovery period, I found other passions like photography and video editing and used this time to learn. Slowly but surely, I began to practise photography at a parkour class as I hobbled about and even got a piggy back ride. I started to explore the city, going on photo walks, art galleries, events and such.

Was I searching for inspiration? Maybe the injury was a blessing in disguise? I questioned should I rely on one thing? Or maybe this was a sign for me to explore other interests?

This is my first video where I go back to retrain the basics. I believe if you have a good foundation in technique, everything gets better. I started off with some light conditioning, balancing and some mini precisions thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!