12 Hours | Short Film


Inspiration can strike at odd hours. This was filmed on my last night shift around 5am using the Sony RX100 iii. That camera packs a punch for being so tiny! This is the camera that I would bring if I was stranded on a desert island.


5 day photography challenge

I recently took part in a 5 day Instagram photography challenge set by filmmaker Zack Kravits. It was lots of fun and I’ve never really took part in any photo challenges till now.

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Winter Lights 2019

A little video of some of the pieces at the Winter Lights festival - a series of immersive light installations at Canary Wharf. It was also a good excuse to test out my new lens.


Hong Kong & Macau | Short Film

Hi Guy’s. Apologies for the lack of blog posts as I have just come back from an amazing trip to Hong Kong and Macau.

When I was filming at The Peak, a Japanese tourist said I look like a filmmaker/photographer (it must be my Vans and grey top or the way I was holding the camera?).

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Journey to V5

Recently, I have taken up bouldering and training at the Arch Climbing wall having been introduced to it by my friend Nat. I have never tried bouldering before and I quickly saw after my first taster, that bouldering can be very addictive and it was also a nice addition to supplement my parkour training. I have not given up on parkour. Never! But I feel that sometimes you get the itch to try something new and it’s nice to mix things up a bit.

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You Don't Climb Trees?


After reading a post from @kalosmovement on the importance of training your mind, not just your body, I thought it would be good for a change to challenge myself mentally and work on my fear of heights. What I found is the body is capable of many things and my fear of heights isn't as bad as before. I'm glad I made it to the top!


*Buzz* my phone went and I received a message from Jia saying that she is in town and asking if we can train. I happily obliged. Jia is from Malaysia and we met at the WIPW2018 event, when we were both sprinting up a monster of a hill and proceeded to high five each other to celebrate our victory. To those peeps who do not know what WIPW is, you can check out my post here #WIPW2018

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Just Jamming

With WIPW2018 over, I made my way to the Birmingham Women's Parkour Jam which was arranged by mate Zoe. I went to the jam last year which was ace. The train journey was interesting, as I watched a group of women in their mid 40’s getting drunk on G&T around 09.45. Waaay too early…

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#WIPW2018 aka Women’s International Parkour Weekend 2018 ran by Parkour Generations, SheCanTrace, began last Saturday at the glorious Canada Water spot, where ladies from all over the world, came together for 8 hours of non-stop movement, challenges, learning, discovery and teamwork.

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Going Solo

To solo train, or not to solo train, that is the question? The question that often beckons for traceurs or anyone in fact. When I first started parkour, solo training was not high on my list. I think it was mainly to do with feeling self conscious training out in public.

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Rain, rain and more rain. It is supposed to be Spring! But my friend and I managed to find an undercover spot to train in. The Elusive video, is Sunday's training drilling precision jumps, landings and strides in the style of a perfume advert.

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Feeling Rusty

Having not trained for a week and a half, my body already feels tense and I need to move ASAP. Movement makes everything better. Training was at wonderful Wapping and I also got to test out my gimbal for those smooth buttery shots. Whenever I feel rusty in training, I always go back to the basics. T

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One obstacle. One move. Drills.

The move that I am drilling and that has been messing with my brain is the thief vault. You take off with your internal leg that is closest to the obstacle, use your external leg to go over and land with the external leg with split feet. Sounds confusing? Yes I was indeed confused for a while. I would say parkour is probably 95% mentally challenging. In class, I would get frustrated that I didn’t get a move by the time the class ended and I sometimes forget that parkour is based on progressions, no matter how small. Baby steps, just keep swimming...

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Back To Basics

About 4 months ago, I injured my ankle whilst doing a gate vault over a bar. I went too fast, lost my grip, then heard 2 'pops'. Freak out mode was enabled, followed by expletives. I had torn 2 ligaments but luckily no broken bones. My Osteopath said the sprain wasn’t too bad, but I thought, I can’t train anymore! *pause for dramatic effect*.

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